"Only one more Sphynx can be better than Sphynx"
 Fans of the Sphynx

We welcome you on the site of the cattery of canadian Sphynx "АNTARES"!!!

The Sphynx is the word of magic, it causes  associations. These are the pyramids,the sand, the mystery of the ancient Egypt. But what is a cat-the Sphynx? This is also a magic, but it is real, consisting of flesh and blood. It's a cat-a statuette. The soft lines of the body, the magic of harmony,the green eyes staring straight into the heart. This is not a cat, it is poetry. The Sphynx cannot be called just a cat. It is the embodiment of all the best that there is in the living nature and in the man. They are very similar to a human: they have paws, as hands, they like to sleep  under the blanket, while the pink ears are on the pillow, looking at without tearing away the eyes, that is not typical for animals.
The Sphynx is called a Cat - shock! They say that all people without an exception have a shock for three times when they see these wonderful cats.
 You get a shock for the first when you  see this animal  first because of the appearance of the cat, but you understand that you can't tear your eyes away. It has a magic power and you have a sense of curiosity. 
You get a shock for the second time when you touch the cat and feel that it is very velvety  and hot, and you have a desire to touch it again and again.
And for the third time, when you understand that you like this cat, and you want to have it at home.
Those who once get Sphynx as a pet  will never change it for the cat of any other breed:
  • A sociable Sphynx which is not hard to please  is an ideal pet for people who are allergic to cat fur
  • It`s easy to take care of  sphynxes , so you can entrust it to the child of 6-7 years
  • Hairless cats live for a long time and hardly never get sick in the optimal conditions
  • The sphynxes are the best exhibition animals, because they never show aggression towards strangers, have a strong nervous system and unquestioningly obey their masters.
On our site you can see various photos of our favorite animals!

We are sure that these amazing animals will not leave you indifferent!

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The sphynxes are specific to care, unlike other breeds of cats. There is one big plus - there is no fur and there are no problems related to its presence.



Sphynxes are omnivorous and have an excellent appetite, lack of whims and fastidiousness. This is due to the increased exchange of substances because of high body temperature and a lack of hair.


First aid kit

To assist an injured or an ill cat the first aid at home, you must have a first aid kit. Medicines, medical instruments, dressing material for cats and human should be kept separately.